A Thousand Words…or so.

Even though there’s only one picture in this post, this is the beginning of a lot more than one thousand words. I thought it was only fair that I tell you that. 

Wisdom begins in wonder.  –Socrates

Sometimes, big changes motivate us to do big things. 


My youngest child started high school this week, and it feels pretty big to me–big isn’t really the right word. Gigantic. Enormous. Harrowing? Celebratory. Monumental. Curious. Terrifying. Gratifying. Pensive. Unfamiliar. Wonderful.

There’s a lot of wondering involved when something new begins. I wonder how it will go? I wonder how I will feel? I wonder what the end result will be? Certainly this is a wonder-full season in my life. 

Like many parents, as my kids get older, I’ve started dusting off my dreams and trying to remember what I did before I had kids and, more importantly, what I might do when they’re out on their own. It’s just really not that far off, so there’s no more procrastinating.

This site is all about wonder–both the verb and the noun–as practiced through writing and art. I want to encourage both children and adults to seek and to celebrate wonder in the world.


  1. a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.
  1. desire or be curious to know something.
  2. feel admiration and amazement; marvel.

When I was in the sixth grade, my teacher, Elaenor DeMeritt was an inspiration to me. She had very high expectations, and it was clear she cared for her students. It was Ms. Demeritt who helped me first long to be a writer and a teacher. I’ll always be grateful for the impact she made in my life.

I worked in preschool and elementary school for about 15 years, and I’m currently working as an administrator at a church. My “day job” has rewards and meaningful experiences for sure, but it’s the moonlighting (does it actually count as moonlighting if you haven’t quite made any money yet?) that makes my life full. I work at writing and painting in the early mornings (my favorite time of day), and someday, I’d like to work at it all day long.

Here are a few things to know about me:

  • I write children’s books as well as humorous and inspirational essays. To read my first blog about how I learned to make pie (hint: it’s not all about the pie) click here: fortyandtwentyblackbirds.com.


  • Every day, I experience wonder (yes, even on the crappy and sad days), and I want other people to experience it, too. It only means opening your heart and your senses. The world’s a smorgasbord of marvels.


  • I paint, but I’m not a fine artist, so if you’re looking for Picasso or O’Keefe, you’ve taken a wrong turn. I’m an illustrator who is still always learning how the paint and the brush work together. For me, painting is my peaceful practice, and I’ll do it–because I must–whether anyone knows or reads about it or not. 


  • I’m not a whippersnapper anymore, so while I welcome and encourage your comments, know that you’re not gonna hurt my feelings. My art is my art–I gave up worrying about what other people think in my twenties. What a load off…


I’ve written a couple of children’s picture books, and the one I’m hoping to publish first is all about a baker named Justin, who is determined to do things in new and creative ways–no matter how everyone else is doing it. I’m looking forward to sharing Justin’s important message with children everywhere. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. The publishing business is a big one, and currently I’m a little bitty fish in a big pond, but hey–you gotta swim somewhere!

Thanks for reading. Here we go!


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