Theo and Me

To update the world on my 2019 goal (50 queries or a book deal), I’ve just submitted my 14th query of the year. It’s the first time I’ve emailed a query about my picture book biography, Architect of Dreams: Theodate Pope Riddle. I completed a final read through, held my breath, clicked send, and  hoped for the best.

I’ve got 8 more editors/agents in mind (so far) to receive my manuscript if this one isn’t a match. If you let it, the writing and publishing industry can seem tedious and daunting. But today, I’m channeling the star of my book — Theodate Pope Riddle. The whole point of the book is how Theo didn’t give up on her dreams, so I think I won’t give up either.

If you wanna know who gets things done–it’s Theo and Me.

TheodatePopeLusitania2I’m an architect of dreams, too!

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