Book Review: Pigs Love Potatoes

Today I’m posting my first book review, because one of the things I love about being a writer is being a READER. I’m grateful to my parents, Johann (that’s Jo-Ann, not Yo-Hahn) and Frank, who both loved to read and encouraged their five children to read. My mom took us to the library countless times, and we were allowed to check out as many books as we could carry. I still remember the pride of knowing how to write my own name long before kindergarten and being allowed to have my very own library card. Not only did my mom give us the opportunity to be around books, but she modeled good habits by reading often herself. She is still an avid reader. My dad loved words too, and was particularly fond of poetry (a favorite was Robert W. Service). I was amazed at how he could memorize verse. He liked reading about the Civil War and other military history.

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” – Stephen King



I found myself wishing for a little one nearby as I read aloud (couldn’t help myself) Pigs Love Potatoes, written by Anika Denise and illustrated by Christopher Denise. I’m a sucker for rhyming verse, and this cheerfully illustrated book does not disappoint.

From the first spread, the illustrations make me curious–especially the eyes of the mama and little pigs invite me to wonder what is about to take place with those potatoes.

On each page, more pigs! The potato cooking process continues in a calm, colorful palette as the reader enjoys themes of family, helping, neighbors, being silly, and a few treats for the eye such as birds and a kitty cat. Counting words drive a delightful dinner story with a sweet ending that will leave you smiling.

As a former preschool teacher, I highly recommend Pigs Love Potatoes for themes on counting, rhyming, working together and most importantly, FUN. As a parent, this book has “read-it-again-mama” appeal, and I wish it’d been around when my children were small.

Thanks to Anika Denise and Christopher Denise for this lovely picture book. Now I’m off to eat some potatoes…


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