Goal Getter


All right everyone, here’s an update on my writing goal for 2019 (50 rejections or a literary agent): I’ve submitted 5 queries. That’s 10 percent of my goal–sort of. I’ve received 3 rejections, which means 60 % of what I’ve submitted has been rejected.

So here’s to that 40 % of the 10% that’s still floating around out there.


I’m pretty sure I’m getting some of this math wrong. What do you want from me?

Writer ≠Mathematician



In honor of completing 10% (sort of) of my goal, I’d like to present this list:

Things I would like 10% of:

  1. a coconut cream pie
  2. a million dollars
  3. the tax paperwork I’m about to have to do
  4. the sass I’ve gotten from my teenager
  5. a 10 week beach vacation
  6. the energy and enthusiasm of a toddler
  7. the money I have paid to insurance companies
  8. the time I have wasted complaining
  9. the readership of Stephen King or Eric Carle
  10. the people of the world to pay attention to each other


What about you? If you could have 10% of something, what would it be?

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